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Lecture Handouts

Week 1

Physiology of Ventilation

Introduction to Gas Exchange

Causes of Hypoxemia

Pulmonary Function Test Workshop
Required Reading on PFT

Pulmonary Function Workshop-Introduction Slides

A Century of the Mechanics of Breathing

Week 2

Airway Resistance & Airflot

Week 3

Transport of Blood gases

True Blue: A puzzling case from CMAJ March 2009

Foundations of Medicine in Basic Sciences--Figures in History
Neil Bohr
The Haldanes-father & son

Pulmonary Block - FMED 403

The lecture handouts on this page predate the academic year 2012-13. They remain accessible at the request of students, residents & colleagues who continue with their kind feedback..

August 2015 --- Dear Dr Osborne, I am a General Surgery resident and I found your lecture on hypoxia very helpful. Thank you for providing this resource freely.
Elizabeth Blears, MD

August 2013 --- Dear Dr. Osborne, Just a short note to thank you for your wonderful lecture notes on ventilation. I am studying for my anaesthetics exams and was having some trouble with Ganong's explanations (or lack thereof) of lung compliance and resistance. You have explained these so beautifully. So thank you!
Dr Ritu Kumari ACT, Australia

February 2017 --- I just wanted to thank you for the hypoxemia lecture. I really liked the PDF you made .Keep going!
You have my regards ,
Naif Saad, R4 IM resident KFSH & RC Saudi Arabia


Interactive Respiratory Physiology from Johns Hopkins University-useful for understanding mechanics of breathing

Breath sounds ... also great audio supplements to halloween pranks...Stop that whispering petoriloquy!

American Thoracic Society Statements

Spirometry Expert

Cyanosis its physiologic definition and its limits in clinical practice

Methods used to measure carrying capacity of arterial blood and their limitations in clinical practice.