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CAPS 422 Respiratory Physiology Lectures
Tuesday/Thursday 8:00-10 am
1416/1509 Life Sciences Centre (see class schedule)

Pulmonary Physiology by M.G. Levitzky is available at the Woodward library on course reseve & open shelves

Lecture Handouts Lecture Objectives | Mechanics of Breathing Statics | Mechanics of Breathing Dynamics | Ventilation Perfusion Mismatch | Diffusion & Pulmonary Gas Exchange | Mechanisms of Hypoxemia |Control of Breathing 1 | Control of Breathing 2 | Breathing during Sleep | Diving & Respiration | Breathing at High Altitude

Student Poems
Daniel Baxter | Gordon Soon | Marlis Sabo | Doggerel of the Deep | Kim Borg | Marc Sonntag | Jacqui Lau | Joyce Cheung | Micheal McCall | Sara Stafford | Vicky Leung I Shaila Merchant | Clarence Khoo | Sylvia Chen | Anonymous

High Altitude
Stephen Thompson | Paul Henning | Tim Doty | Chris White DeVries | Dee Malinsky | Aaron Baxter | Vanbric Casilla | Kelly Lee | Kwan Loh | Mike Wong

Brent Weatherhead | Logan Lee | Adrianne Huxtable | Adrian Hui | Ben Sporer | Jen Davis | Henry Leung | Kapil Kohli | Lineke

Surfactant, Carotid bodies & Dragons
Annie Chan|Clement Chan | Colleen MacDonald | David Chaing | Joan Sy | Kate Potter | Lien Huang | Marian Bae | Monica Leung | Russ Davidson | Sina Alipour | Sophia Wong | Ted Lai || Jia Jia Ren | Elliott Bogusz

Victoria Chan| Mariam Gharabedian | Michell Vu | Fraser Johnston | Melissa Chiu| Daniel Choi | Heidi Jang | David Mak | Angela Hu | David Popok | Jason Lee

Useful Links

Mechanical Ventilation from Wikipedia

Agnes Pockles: Making history at the kitchen sink
Agnes Pockles

ABC of Oxygen
Dr. Lawrence's Pulmonary Education Resource on Medical History of Oxygen Therapy, hyperbaric therapy & Ohio's Monster Steel Ball, Pulmonary Physiology and more!

Johns Hopkins Interactive Pulmonary Physiology Laboratory Brush up your lung mechanics. Once you are in, make sure you click the links at the bottom of the page for tutorial, labs, dictionary & the encyclopedia

High Altitude Medicine Guide A medical guide for prevention of high altitude sickness with amazing pictures of mountain peaks and models of hyperbaric bags! Great links too!

Scuba Diving Explained Q & A, History of Diving

Invited Talks
Exercise Physiology by Dr. Bill Sheel
Exercise in the Forgotten Sex by Gordon Guinette: Paper1 Paper2 Paper3

Review with quiz & problem sets!
Set 1 |Set 2 | Set 3 | Set 4 | |Set 5 | Set 6 | Set 7 |Set 8 | Set 9

Articles for Assignment
Surfactant Exocytosis in Alveolar Type II Cell
Oxygen Sensing by the Carotid Body Chemoreceptors
New perspectives on respiratory rhythm
Breathing: Rhythmicity, Plasticity, Chemosensitivity
Influence of neuromodulators & Implications for sleep disordered breathing
Medullary ventral respiratory network during eupnea & gasping insitu


Student Talks 2013
Diving 1: Dongho-Meiying-Bennet-Jamie
Diving 2: Naomi-Sheena-Hamid

Comparative 1: Aman-Chris- Perneet-Adrienne
Comparative 2: Aaron-Ling-Wynn
High Altitude 1: Martha- Mathew- Pooneh
High Altitude : -Angela-Kevin-David-Minyang

Liquid Breathing 2: Jessica-Michael-Kevin

Student Talks 2014
COPD & Asthma
Lung Transplantation
Mechanical Ventilation
Pulmonary Vascular Disease
Restrictive Diseases of the Lung Parenchyma

Student Talks 2015
Comparative Respiratory Physiology: Turtle
Comparative Respiratory Physiology: Fish-Aquatic & Air Breathing
Comparative Respiratory Physiology: Amphibians Juvenile to Adult
Respiratory Physiology: Arthropods
Comparative Respiratory Physiology: Diving Animals
Comparative Respiratory Physiology: Birds
Comparative Respiratory Physiology: Elephants & Whales
Comparative Respiratory Physiology: The Octopus

Student Talks 2016
History of Oxygen I History of Carbon dioxideI Mechanical Ventilation Pulmonary Embryology I Fetal Respiration I
Respiration during Pregnancy