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Apnea of Prematurity

HB reflex in 1927

Modeling Neural Mechanisms for the Respiratory Rhythm and Pattern Generation

Pulmonary stretch receptor discharges and vagal regulation of respiration differ between two mouse strains

Where Are The Nerves?

The phrenic nerve arises in the neck from C3,4,5 roots. It lies on the scalenus anterior muscle and enters the thorax between the subclavian artery and the subclavian vein. The nerve then courses down the mediastinum lying anterior to the hilum of the lung and squeezed between the pleura and the pericardium. The nerves at this point supply sensory fibres to the mediastinal pleura and pericardium. The right phrenic nerve then passes through the diaphragm close to the inferior vena cava in the central tendon. The left phrenic passes through the muscular part of the diaphragm. The nerves supply motor fibres to the diaphragm and sensory fibres to the diaphragmatic pleura and peritoneum.
The phrenic nerve is the only motor supply to the diaphragm.

The vagus nerve you have isolated many times before.